About Us


At SOFO London we share key principles when it comes to interiors, design and the production of furniture. 


We really do work better together – our growing team of product / interior designers, artisans and architects support each other to offer you the best possible service.  Making design accessible to everyone is at the heart of what SOFO set out to create.

You get to work with the best in their arena, true master craftspeople, this means you can be confident in the quality of everything that we deliver.  We love finding and working with such an amazing team and we know you will too. This is just the start, we have lots more exciting things in the pipeline. 


SOFO are not about simply bringing you the latest trend or fad. Our desire is to create homes and furnishing that will stand the test of time. Truly beautiful design will always transcend an era or age. 

We love “minimalism” but by that we don’t mean stark empty spaces, for us it is about a “less is more” philosophy. Do you truly love what you have around you – does it make you feel good or as Marie Kondo says does it “spark joy”?


Quality is of course integral to creating timeless design, we are obsessive about the finishing and details of our pieces. In our opinion, it’s this obsessiveness that makes all the difference. We only use the best materials and work with the most skilled craftspeople. 


The truest form of being sustainable is to be grounded in creating furniture that lasts (back to great quality and timeless design!). Fast furniture is becoming as damaging as fast fashion with millions of tonnes of furniture ending up in landfill every year. We are trying to combat our throw away culture by giving vintage pieces a new lease of life. We also strive to find the most sustainable materials, and recycle wherever possible. Our architect specialises in advising on the best environmentally friendly build methods.